Who’s This?A recap of all the major events from season 1 to 3 of Game of Thrones in the form of a parody of ‘What’s This?' from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

The bold little boy with wild black hair and laughing eyes was a man grown now, one-and-twenty, and still he played his games.


this is my favorite thing, tbh

Get to know me meme: [3/5] favorite male characters
↳ Kill Your Darlings | Lucien Carr

Lucien is different, or at least, his egocentricity is different, he hates himself intensely, whereas we do not. hating himself as he does, hating his “human-kindness”, he seeks new vision, a post-human post-intelligence. He wishes more than nietzsche proscribed. he wants more than the next mutation - he wants a post-soul - Jack Kerouac (september, 1944) 


If you didn’t pay attention to Varys during the Purple Wedding you seriously missed out

dreaming men are h a u n t e d men

I’ll fight you if I have to. 
Then what are you waiting for?

”[…] and Matilda found to her great surprise that life could be fun and she decided to have as much of it as possible. After all, she was a very smart kid.The happiest part of the story is that Matilda and Miss Honey each got what they’d always wanted. A loving family.


no, but let’s talk about tommen

he is laughing too, because young as he is he doesn’t understand, he genuinely finds the whole thing funny


and then he turns to look at his uncle and sansa because “lol, isn’t that funny?”


and he realizes that something’s wrong

that the show is not really that hilarious

and he stops



Margaery was only married to Joffrey for like an hour, and it was STILL way too long for her.

How I Live Now (2013)